Saj S. ~ Walnut Creek, California

Love the inventive scents and unusual products (why does a bath bomb have to be round?!)  I have been using and buying as gifts for 18 months. The quality, luxe and  sometimes the quirky packaging NEVER lets me down.

Kelly G. ~ Los Gatos, California

I love that it's safe for even my young kids to be able to use and feel fancy while in the bath. It's a treat for all of us. Looks beautiful, smells beautiful and makes your skin feel incredible.

Terri T. ~ Prosper, Texas

Awesome products for my sensitive skin! Love the silky texture of the soaps and they are great for keeping my skin moisturized. My favorite scents are the vanilla and the Big Sur. 

Amy G. ~ 

Los Gatos, 


I just finished applying the lavender lotion bar after doing dishes and it feels so luxurious on my Winter hands! The scent is as soothing as the lotion. I've also been working on reducing the use of plastics in our home and appreciate how these products are eco-friendly as well as amazing!

"They like us! They really like us"

Audrey B. ~ Edmond, Oklahoma

I love these soaps! The scents are sublime & they are almost too beautiful to use! Added bonus~ they are handmade using environmentally friendly ingredients. 

Bonnie S. ~

Scottsdale, Arizona

I've been using these soaps and scrubs for a little over a year and I LOVE everything about them. From the cute and creative designs to the adorable packaging. (which is ECO friendly!) The soaps make my whole bathroom smell so good. But mostly, I love that they don't dry out my skin which is important for me living in Arizona. I like to give them as gifts too and have donated gift sets to our school auctions for something unique!"

Gaylia O. ~

Aptos, California

I am in love with all things Saltwater Crow. Every product is hand made with the best, most pure ingredients   possible. The scents are amazing and creative. I am absolutely loving the Lavender Lotion Bars. Who knew lotion came in a bar? I have given Saltwater Crow gifts to several friends and all have said they will re-order. Such a wonderful find."

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